Travel Medical Kits


The time and energy you invest in ensuring your travel plans come together smoothly can wear you out. The last thing you want is to make it to your destination and have a medical emergency. With Contingency Medical, we help you manage various medical needs while on vacation with our travel medical kits that are TSA approved. That’s right—you can throw these kits in your carry-on or personal item without being stopped at the security checkpoint. Each of our travel first aid kits are complete with the most common ailments and issues in mind to assist you in a timely manner. Each kit comes with the quality assurance of prescription-grade medicines, supplies, and a board-certified health screening assessment. These make the perfect addition to every getaway you plan so you can vacation in peace and handle whatever life throws at you.

Contingency Medical is committed to providing ease, comfort, and access to antibiotics and medicines when the need arises. So, how does it work? Fill out our comprehensive intake form and a board-certified physician will review it to determine the best course of action. You will receive an email with the physician’s guidance, confirming your quality pharmacy-grade medicine is out for shipment. You can begin to feel peace of mind, knowing that your medicine will arrive shortly. It’s that simple! We use licensed pharmacies only, combined with experienced board-certified physicians. We take the time to craft an easy-to-use travel medical kit to ensure complete satisfaction when life gets complicated. Our TSA-approved medical kit works seamlessly for common ailments, illnesses, and infections to ensure you can enjoy your vacation worry-free.

Having access to quality medical care and essentials should not be difficult, and it’s our mission here at Contingency Medical to mitigate the hard shipping. We understand the chaos of traveling and stress of trip planning can induce common illnesses at the most inconvenient times, but you don’t have to tackle it alone with our travel medical kits. Order your Go Pack today. Contingency Medical offers modern medical solutions to modern problems!