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The Go Pack


Designed with mobility in mind.  This doctor curated pack is great for travel, adventure or anything in between. It includes essential medicines to cure common infections, as well as treat symptoms that might otherwise ruin your trip.  See the Symptom Support tab below for additional information!

Approval will require a brief medical history to be reviewed by a physician. You will be redirected to this form upon completion of purchase.

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The Go Pack was created by Emergency Medical Doctors as an answer to the question, “If an emergency doctor was to create the ideal pack to take with them on all life’s adventures – what would it contain?” This pack is ideal for anyone who enjoys traveling, hunting, camping, or adventuring in ways that takes them off the grid and away from the convenience of modern medicine. With space at a premium, you need something will fit in your small bag or purse that will help put your mind at ease knowing you’re covered against the a wide variety of the most commonly encountered infections.

Treatments and Treatment Counts

Animal Bites, 2 treatments
Cellulitis, 1-2 treatments
Diarrhea, 2-8 treatments
Motion Sickness, 4 treatments
Otitis Media (Ear Infection), 1 treatment
Respiratory Tract Infection, 1-2 treatments
Strep Pharyngitis, 2 treatments
Traveler’s Diarrhea, 1 treatment
Urinary Tract Infection, 1-2 treatments
Vomiting, 10 treatments

*Note: If an infection has a range of treatments, the lower end is what is included in the pack and the upper end of the range can be achieved by utilizing an alternative medicine that is also included in the pack.  For example, if you’re infected with cellulitis and treat with the recommended cephalexin that is one treatment.  If you are infected with cellulitis a second time you could use amoxicillin to treat it a second time, but this would use one of your treatments for animal bites.  If you get any of the above infections, you should reach out to your prescribing physician for guidance on safe and effective treatment.

Antibiotics Included*

14 x Doxycycline (100mg)
20 x Nitrofurantoin (Generic Macrodantin) (100mg)
14 x Amoxicillin Clavulanate (875mg-125mg)
20 x Cephalexin (500mg)
2 x Azithromycin (500mg)

*Note: Quantities of medicines may change or certain medicines may be substituted depending on your medical history.

The Go Pack also contains prescription strength medicines to help battle symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and motion sickness, because when you’re out adventuring and exploring the world you don’t want to waste any precious time dealing with symptoms.

Medicines Include:

10 x Ondansetron (4mg)
16 x Loperamide (2mg)
4 x Scopalamine transdermal patch

*Note: Quantities of medicines may change or certain medicines may be substituted depending on your medical history.