How long will the antibiotics in my pack last?

The antibiotics in the pack expire one year from the issue date, as do the symptom management medicines.  There are ways to prolong shelf life, such as keeping the antibiotics away from heat and sunlight; however, once they hit the year mark the best way to ensure they are effective as possible is to get them replaced.

How long will my pack take to arrive?

Once the medical history is reviewed by one of our doctors, it is passed onto the pharmacy for shipment.  It generally takes your order between 2-5 business days to arrive once they have gotten to the pharmacy.

Can I use my HSA/FSA to purchase the pack?

While each policy has the potential to be different, YES you can use your HSA to pay for antibiotics that come with a prescription from a doctor.  This is the process followed when our packs are prescribed so it should be covered.

Do you take Insurance?

We currently do not take insurance.

What is included in my Pack purchase?

When you purchase a pack from Contingency Medical, you receive the following:

  • Antibitiocs (quantities vary by pack)
  • Symptom treatment medicines (if part of your pack)
  • Hard case pack (designed either for travel or the home, based on your purchase)
  • Treatment and Antibiotic guide

In addition, your purchase gives you access to a certified physician from your state to ask questions about the medicines or get guidance on their effective use.  For more information, visit the shop!

How many tablets/capsules and what dosages come in the pack?
You can find specific information related to the dosages and treatment counts on the .  Just scroll down to the description and you’ll see the tab for ‘Antibiotics Included’, as well as ‘Symptom Support’ if applicable, and you’ll see each medicine we include in the pack as well as the dosage.

Description detail

Additionally, if you look at the ‘Common Infections Treated’ tab we indicate the amount of treatments for each common infection or symptom treated by your pack.  We’ve found that it is generally more helpful to include the amount of treatments instead of a quantity of tablets/capsules since the specific antibiotics/medicines will vary from person to person based on medical history and current medications; however, we go to great efforts to ensure the treatments remain consistent.

If you have additional questions on this topic, please reach out on our contact page and we’ll be happy to discuss it further!