Have you been in a situation where you didn’t feel prepared?

We provide emergency antibiotic kits to keep you protected against the most common infections and symptoms experienced while…

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Domestic or International Travel

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Survival During a Pandemic

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Disaster or Other Emergency


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Help is here. Quality healthcare anywhere anytime.

Ready Pack Plus

Get ready for adventure with the Ready Pack Plus.

This pack is perfect for outdoor lovers and anyone living or working in remote areas.

It has everything you need, like:

Premium antibiotics for common infections

Medicines for quick relief from things like vomiting or diarrhea

Instructional guidebook for information on treatments

Direct access to your physician for questions on safe treatment

Take the physician with you on your next adventure or don’t leave anything to chance while modern medicine is unavailable.

This pack will help you make the most of a potential emergency situation.

Get yours today and enjoy peace of mind!

How It Works?

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Step 1: Intake Form

Complete the basic intake form so we can understand any allergies or health concerns. None of your personal information is saved.

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Step 2: Physician Review

Once reviewed by our physicans, you will get an email with contact info for your doctor and instructions for your kit.

Medical Survival Kits

Step 3: Pharmacy

Your order is shipped from a licensed pharmacy.

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Step 4: Peace of Mind

Stop worrying! Soon you’ll be protected by your pack!

We Make Medical Survival Kits Easy


On Demand Access

We’ve streamlined the application process so you can submit orders anytime.

Licensed Pharmacies

Every pharmacy we work with is licensed and accredited.  Because quality matters.  Find them here.

Ongoing Support

Every purchase includes access to a physician to answer your questions.  No chatbots here.  FAQ here.

Experienced Physicians

We only work with board certified physicians to ensure the highest level of service.

Instructions Included

Every purchase includes an e-book and a physical copy of instructions on how to safely use the antibiotics.

Convenient Packaging

We take life seriously and we expect our equipment to as well.  Our packs can go anywhere you can.